Your Voice Matters: Call Your Senators & Vote!

A Message From NEA President Lily Eskelsen Garcia:

Negotiations for the next coronavirus aid package are heating up in Washington this week. We need to make our voices heard so that our students and educators are prioritized and get the funding they need for the next school year. Click here or dial 1-866-374-7034 to call your senators right now. We are asking for: 

  • At least $175 billion to help public schools reopen safely and equitably (regardless of if instruction is online, in-person, or a hybrid); 

  • No conditions on reopening to access funds; 

  • No vouchers or carveouts for private schools; and 

  • No liability shields. 

Negotiations are fragile right now—so to meet the needs of our students, educators, and communities, we need as many people as possible to flood their senators’ phone lines.   Even if you called before, even if you think your senator is supportive, even if you think they may not listen—we need to make sure our demands are heard.   Call your senators right now to demand at least $175 billion in education funding. Click here or dial 1-866-374-7034 to be connected. For our students,  Lily Eskelsen García  President  National Education Association 

Click Here to Call Your Senators

Prioritize Our Schools in COVID-19 Aid

There are less than 90 Days left until Election Day 2020...

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