Workplace Notice from Meadowcreek High School Principal Kevin Wood

(Just in case you do not have access to the latest updates regarding your current work place schedules, please carefully read the attached notice from GCPS Principal Kevin Wood. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact Mr. Michael Sears (GAE) at 678-837-1101 or Ms. Jeanette  Kimber (GCAE) at 678-321-6454.)

Thank you for professionalism and dedication during this unique time.  The administrative team has been hard at work developing guidelines to close out our school year digitally. Please save and read this email thoroughly as this email contains a great deal of important information. I apologize for the length of the email but our end of the year process is very different this year.  

We will  have an optional faculty meeting tomorrow at 10 AM if you have any questions or need any clarifications. 

Please do not forget our teacher appreciation gift pick up tomorrow between 11 AM to 1 PM.  Please remember this is a drive through pick up at the front of the school. We will drop your gift off in your trunk or back seat. If you are not able to come by we will hold your gift. 

End of Year Checklist:

The end of year checklist is now a digital G-Suite document. The admin team has developed a document that can be completed digitally for most employees. 

This is the link:


The grading process will be handled digitally from the curriculum office. Ms. Wylie will send out a email with details on the grading process. Please understand that the grading process is very important and MUST be completed within the time periods provided by Ms. Wylie.  Please work with your department AP, Department chair, and team members to complete the grading process accurately. Please do not hesitate to ask questions.  

End of Year Employee Building Access: 

Per the new GCPS update we will continue the current schedule for assistant principals, office staff, custodians, and School Nutrition Program staff. Teachers and other staff will no longer be required to report as previously communicated in the original “Return-to-Work Sites Plan.”

The building will be open from the hours of 6 AM to 3 PM May 18th to May 22nd if you need to pick up any personal belongings or complete any tasks that require you to enter the building.  If you choose to enter the building you must wear a mask at all times and practice social distancing (being 6 feet apart).  After you complete the tasks you need to close out the year we ask that you leave the building. All meetings will be completed via video conferencing and no gatherings of employees are allowed. Your safety is our primary focus.  

The front and attendance office entrances will be available for employees to access the building. 

Staff members that are leaving Meadowcreek will be asked to come to Meadowcreek to return their keys, laptops, and other other items. Those staff members will receive an email with specific instructions.  

If you have outstanding items with the bookkeeper you will receive an email regarding end of year steps. 

Special education teachers will receive communication from Mr. Gray regarding end of year special education processes. 

We will pause construction during the week of May 18th but the 2.100 and 2.200 halls will not have HVAC. You may enter those areas of the building to retrieve any personal items. 

Failure Form:

The link for the failure form discussed at the faculty meeting will be emailed to teachers soon. 

The failure form is based on the guidance we have received from GCPS regarding considerations about a students grade. If you need access to a child's 1st semester grade please contact your department AP. Please remember you now have a button to access the students grade as of March 12th. 

The failure form should be completed by May 13, 2020 at 3 PM. Please continue to work with all students who are still failing after the initial final exam dates. Please update the failure form with the students grade after intervention . That post intervention grade should be posted by May 20, 2020 by Noon.

1 - Please be sure all columns are complete

2 - Do not skip or leave any columns blank

3 - One student per line/row

4 - Please be sure there has been voice to voice contact with a parent if you are reporting a failing grade.

5 - All teachers must complete the form. If you do not have any failing students. Please complete the following columns:

Teacher Name

Course Name

Student Name: In this column you will enter - "NO STUDENTS FAILING"

6 - Please note that you will need to return to the Google Sheet to complete the last column "Students Post Intervention Grade" after intervention has taken place.

Final Exams and Grading: 

Our final exams are May 11th to 13th.  Make ups can be completed until Noon on May 20th. The GCPS senior exemption policy is still in effect. Honor graduates and seniors with a 90 or above in a class are exempt from final exams. 

NEW GCPS Guidance on Final Exam (Grades 6 – 12) – Final exams only will count for students if they serve as a benefit towards the student’s grade.  Final exam scores also may be used in place of assignments completed during digital learning days if those scores do not accurately reflect the student’s knowledge of the standards at that time. If a student’s final exam score does not benefit their overall grade for the course, an “EXC” should be entered in place of the grade.

This has been a difficult experience for all of us but I continue to b​e impressed and proud of the way you have all stepped up to work with our students.  I know that each of you will continue to provide our students with compassionate thoughtful teaching as we close our school year and submit our final grades. 

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