Updates from the Georgia Department of Education

GCAE, here are our latest updates from the GA DOE regarding COVID-19:

  • GSFC will honor district-determined grading policies for high school students. As stated in GaDOE guidance, it is a requirement that districts assign final numerical grades for all high school courses; GSFC will use those grades for GPA calculations. Per the attached GSFC’s FAQ: “Public and private school districts continue to be responsible for determining their own grading policy. For public school districts, this practice is aligned to recent GaDOE-issued guidance on district grading policies. GSFC will continue to look at the transcript letter grade (based off of a district-assigned numerical grade) for high school students for HOPE eligibility and other GSFC programs. There have been no changes to the High School HOPE GPA calculation."

  • Zell Miller Scholarship. Requirements for this scholarship are set in state law. Students with SAT/ACT scores on file can meet Zell Miller Scholarship eligibility requirements; GSFC is working with SAT/ACT providers for possible options for summer testing administrations. MORE INFORMATION HERE.

  • Summer EOC administration cancelled. Due to the continuing nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the summer administration of the EOC has been cancelled. Districts will be able to utilize the August mid-month administration in lieu of the summer window. DOWNLOAD FAQS HERE.

  • FY20 Vocational Construction Equipment and/or Agriculture Construction Equipment grant (CTAE) deadline extended to September 30. If your system received a Vocational Construction Equipment and/or Agriculture Construction Equipment grant for FY20, the completion date of your grant has now been extended to September 30, 2020. Dr. Barbara Wall has shared details.

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