The GCAE 2020 Executive Officer Election

GCAE, it is officer election time...

Our current executive board has served us well over the past two years, and they have done an amazing job - thank you for your service!

Current Officers:

Co-President - Jeanette Griffin-Kimber

Co-President - Carol Montgomery (recent retiree)

Vice President - Charmaine (Madu) Madukolum

Treasurer - Jennifer Crane

Secretary - Suzanne Holzhausen

GCAE Executive Officers serve a two-year term. The GCAE Executive Officer Election normally takes place once every two years in April, but due to COVID-19, this year's election was postponed until August 2020.

Election Timeline:

  • August 6th - August 14th: Submit Nominations

  • August 18th - August 25th: Campaign

  • August 26th - August 28th: Voting

Candidate Qualifications:

To run for any office, a candidate must:

  • be an active certified member or active ESP member

  • have been a member of GCAE for at least 2 years

  • have served for one year as a Board of Directors member

  • have completed 3 years' educational experience

These qualifications will be verified by the election committee.

Nomination Rules:

This election shall be by open nomination. All active members will receive an email to the email we have on file, asking for nominations. Self-nominations are allowed! A person may only run for one Executive Officer position. If a person is nominated for multiple offices, they will be contacted and asked to choose which office they would like to run for. All candidates nominated will be contacted and asked to confirm their intention of running for office before the campaigning starts.


Campaign Rules:

Any member who fits the above candidate qualifications may campaign for themselves during the campaign period. Here are the rules governing how one may market their candidacy:

Not Allowed:

- using membership emails or phone numbers (calls or texts) to solicit votes


- person to person conversations

- physical printed media (handouts, flyers)

- personal websites

- personal social media posts

If any candidate is found to have violated these campaign rules, they will automatically be disqualified from the election.

Voting Rules:

The election will take place online, via Election Buddy. Each member will be emailed a specific encoded link to their unique ballot. Each member will be able to submit only one ballot.

Once the election ends, ballots will be tallied and results will be released here on our website.

With any questions about the election, you can email our third party election administrator at admin@gcae.net.

Finally, we work hard to ensure that we are reaching all of our members via email. If you or any member you know IS NOT receiving email communications from GCAE, please reach out to us ASAP so that we can update their email we have on file.

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