New Year Updates From Your GCAE Member-Elected Executive Officers...

We would like to take the opportunity to give you an update on the current situation of our organization.

In October of 2020, one of our members filed two grievances against your current Executive Officers - one with GCAE and one with our state affiliate, the Georgia Association of Educators (GAE). GCAE began the grievance process according to our GCAE Constitution and Bylaws.

However, prior to our GCAE Grievance Committee being able to hear this member's complaint, our state affiliate heard this grievance. The outcome of GAE’s grievance hearing was their decision that the results of our GCAE August 2020 Election should be overturned and a new election should be held. The Executive Officers of GCAE disagreed with this decision and refused to participate in a new election.

It was at this point that our state affiliate announced that the five members who did submit their names for the election were elected by acclamation. You, our GCAE members, were never given a chance to vote.

In December, we filed a lawsuit in the DeKalb County Superior Court seeking an injunction to prevent GAE from usurping GCAE’s right to govern its own affairs. That lawsuit is still pending, but the court made it clear that GAE does not have any governance over GCAE, and that GAE’s only options to take action against GCAE are to censure, suspend, or disaffiliate our organization.

GAE has now taken the position that its right to censure GCAE includes the ability to overturn GCAE’s August 2020 election and to conduct a new election on GCAE’s behalf. Of course, the ability to censure does not involve taking any affirmative action; it is merely an expression of disapproval. We have asked the court to clarify that GAE has no authority to invalidate GCAE’s elections, and we are still awaiting a further ruling.

Since this situation began, our GCAE Grievance Committee has had the opportunity to hear our member's grievances. We would like to note that the member who brought this grievance to our Board of Directors did not attend the GCAE Grievance Committee Hearing that was held for him.

The Executive Officers have also been brought before the GAE Compliance and Review Board. The outcome of this hearing is also still forthcoming.

We, your Executive Officers, share all of this so that we remain transparent and you are completely informed on the current situation of our organization. We are aware that the “Executive Officers” that GAE installed, against the constitution and bylaws of our organization, are beginning to hold meetings. We apologize for the confusion that these meetings may create.

We will continue to keep you updated on the outcome of both our injunction with the DeKalb County Court and the GAE Compliance and Review Board findings.


Your GCAE Member-Elected Executive Officers


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