NEA Educating Through Crisis Series

GCAE, the following links are great resources from our national organization NEA for you to use while returning to your schools. Click on each one and it will take you to NEA's website:

All Hands on Deck: Guidance Regarding Reopening School Buildings

Member Webinar: Returning Safely to In-Person Instruction

Educator Rights to Leave Under Federal Law

Educator Rights to Accommodations

Write Your Senators

The following articles were written for our national news outlet, NEA Today:

Returning Safely to In-Person Instruction: What Educators Need to Know

Educators Prepare for Reopening with Living Wills and Life Insurance

NEA President: No One Should Listen to Trump, DeVos on Reopening Schools

School Custodian: Without Funding for Safety, Outbreaks Inevitable

Supreme Court Gives States Green Light to Expand School Vouchers

An Unequal Starting Place

If you need any assistance or run into any issues in your first few days back, please reach out to leadership at GCAE:

Co-President: Jeanette Griffin-Kimber (jkimber@gcae.net)

Vice President: Charmaine (Madu) Madukolum (cmadu@gcae.net)

Treasurer: Jennifer Crane (jcrane@gcae.net)

Secretary: Suzanne Holzhausen (sholz@gcae.net)

Stay safe!

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AFFILIATE RESOURCE: The Iowa State Education Association recently developed and shared an Educator Bill of Rights for navigating the current crises. Check it out here: https://isea.org/wp-content/uplo