Meet Our 2020 GCAE Leadership Scholarship Recipients!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Miss Tasha Dyer

"My Name is Tasha Dyer, and I was born on August 18, 2001 on a sunny summer's day in Jamaica West Indies. I am the daughter of Jacinth and Melvin Grant. I am an outgoing family oriented individual. I look up to both my parents, but aspire to be most like my mother in terms of her nurturing and leadership qualities.

I have completed Elementary, Middle and High school and look forward to graduating with honors from my college program. My favorite subject in school has always been science and mathematics. I enjoy social activities such as teaching youngsters at Sunday School, roller skating, running, and working out on a regular basis. I also like getting together with friends for outings during my free time.

My life aspirations is to complete Nursing School with my Bachelor of Science Degree which will allow me to work and begin my career experience. I would like to further my studies and obtain my Masters of Science in Nursing and continue on to become a Nurse Practitioner where I can be the most helpful to overseeing the care of patients and working closely in a mentor position for other nurses. It is my hope to be the essential worker that makes major differences in the lives of the patients and the people who work in a lower position than myself. 

Finally, It is my intention to become a Traveling Nurse as a part of my career adventure. I would like to be a nurse to different cultures in different parts of the world. I expect to live a life that allows me to assist others while gaining valuable world experience."

Mister Stefan O. Harris

Stefan Harris is a 2020 graduate of Grayson High School. He was a member of the following organizations: The International Club, UNICEF, Peer Leadership, the Black Student Union, the Gentlemen's Club, and he was a freshman mentor. He was a member of the Grayson High School Track and Field Team for 4 years and the Jackrabbit Track and Field club for 2 years. He participated in Great Days of Service at Sweetwater Middle School for 4 years, he assisted with Grayson Days Clean up for 2 years, and he served as a student guide for a College Fair at Grayson High School. He also made the AB honor roll for the Spring Semester. Stefan loves the outdoors and makes sure his neighborhood is clean. He has planted flower beds, and he currently has a weed and water flowerbed business in his neighborhood.  

He will attend Kennesaw State University in the fall and major in Exercise Science.

Miss Kya P. Trimble

Kya P. Trimble, born in Alabama, moved to Georgia at the age of 2 with her mother. From early on, Kya loved being in the limelight. She did not have much of a choice. She began attending GCAE meetings with her mom and learned what advocacy and passion looked like.

Kya has used those leadership skills to navigate through Parkview Cluster, beginning at Arcado Elementary, moving to Trickum Middle, and now completing and graduating from Parkview High School with honors. In the summers, Kya has worked on her stage presence by attending Camp Kyle, a summer camp created by Tameka Raymond in honor of her son. Kya also spends time volunteering for Project Open Hand and helping her aging grandmother. In her free time, you will find Kya curled up with a good book or spending time with family or friends.

In the Fall, Kya will be attending the prestigious HBCU, Howard University, located in our Nation’s capital. There, she plans to study sociology with hopes to one day teach nations that education does not change the world. Education changes people. Then the people go and change the world.

GCAE is very proud of these three young stars - we cannot wait to see all of the great things you accomplish in your extremely bright futures! Congratulations again, and best wishes!

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