2020 Election Results Are In!

GCAE Members, you've had a great election season (all things COVID-considered.) You've successfully voted and selected delegates for both the GAE Spring RA and the NEA RA!

Election Results for the GAE 2020 Spring Representative Assembly:

This election called for self-nominations from March 10 - March 15. GCAE was allotted 28 delegates to attend this assembly. Because there were 16 self-nominations for delegates, all 16 were automatically confirmed as delegates by affirmation. Our delegates for the GAE 2020 RA are as follows:


  • Cindella Attucks

  • Melissa Wilson

  • Nicole Trimble

  • Kioka Ware

  • Kathleen Dunning

  • Kathryn Mullen

  • Brian Westlake

  • Jeanette Griffin Kimber

  • Dexter Peeples

  • Jennifer Dietz Crane

  • Charmaine Madukolum

  • Tanisha Banks

  • Christine Hellyer

  • Carol Montgomery

  • Jonathan Dixson

  • Darla Ures

Congratulations, Delegates! We know you'll represent us well.

As a reminder, the 2020 GAE Spring RA has been rescheduled from the original dates of April 18-19, due to COVID-19.  It is now scheduled for June 14-16 at the same location, the Renaissance Concourse Atlanta Airport Hotel.

In the event a face-to-face meeting is still not advised by the Governor's Office and/or the CDC, a virtual RA will take place June 13-14. GAE is simultaneously preparing for both possibilities and information will be sent out to delegates accordingly.

Delegates elected to the original April 18 – 19 assembly are automatically set for the June RA.  There will be no need to hold additional elections.  

GAE is continually monitoring the situation and as new information becomes available, GCAE will let you know.

Election Results for NEA 2020 Annual Meeting & Representative Assembly:

This election called for 6 delegates and 2 alternates. We received over 15 self-nominations during the nomination period from March 31 - April 4, and as a result, we moved into a vote. The voting period was from April 7 - April 9, and this produced 5 clear delegates - these were the candidates with the most votes. However, the last delegate seat and the alternate seats were tied, forcing us into a runoff election that took place from April 13 - April 15. Today at noon, the runoff election ended, and the results of this election for the NEA 2020 RA delegates are as follows:


  • Dexter Peeples

  • Kathryn Mullen

  • Suzanne Holzhausen

  • Jennifer Dietz Crane

  • Teresa Lewis

  • Charmaine Madukolum


  • First Alternate: Cindella Attucks

  • Second Alternate: Danielle Brown

Congratulations, Delegates! We have no doubt that you will represent GCAE in a great way.

In light of COVID-19, GCAE has not received any information regarding changes to the NEA RA. As of today, it is still scheduled to take place here in Atlanta from July 2 - July 6. GCAE is continually monitoring the situation and as new information becomes available, we will let you know of any changes or updates to the assembly.


Both elections were conducted via a third party election service (Election Buddy).

NEA 2020 Annual Meeting & Representative Assembly

Election Receipt:  https://secure.electionbuddy.com/results/SGNWZCUTDCRY

Runoff Receipt : https://secure.electionbuddy.com/audit/DTB4MAU3H7R3

With any further election questions or concerns, please contact our non-partisan Election Administrator Olivia Payton at admin@gcae.net.

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