Meet Our New Executive Officers!

GCAE Members, you've successfully voted and selected your new Executive Officers for the 2020-2022 term!

Election Details

This election called for nominations from August 6th - August 14th. All candidates who were nominated, who met the constitutional criteria, and who adhered to the election rules and regulations were listed here on the website during the campaign period, from August 18th - August 25th. Voting began on August 26th and closed on August 28th at midnight.

All active and current GCAE members were contacted (via the email address on file that they registered for GCAE with) and notified of the election at the start of August, and were sent various reminders via the monthly newsletter (The Fine Line) and the weekly notice (Your Member Memo.)

Election Chair: Kioka Ware

Election Committee: Teresa Lewis, Cindella Attucks

Third-Party Election Administrator (non-GCAE member): Olivia Payton

Election Results

Co-Presidents: Jeanette Griffin-Kimber & Antwyne Haywood

Vice President: Charmaine Madukolum

Treasurer: Jennifer Dietz Crane

Secretary: Kiana Washington

Congratulations to our new Executive Board! We know you'll represent us well.


This election was conducted via a third party election service (Election Buddy).

Election Receipt:  https://secure.electionbuddy.com/results/ZQCJTNSZF2FD

With any further election questions or concerns, please contact our non-partisan Election Administrator Olivia Payton at admin@gcae.net.

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