August's Member of the Month: Patricia Anderson

Each month GCAE appreciates and honors one of our outstanding members who goes above and beyond the call of duty to support this organization, our families, & our community at large.

Ms. Pat has exhibited these traits and we want to publicly recognize her for all of her hard work!

Ms. Pat, as she is affectionately known in Gwinnett County, is the lady with the winning smile and awesome attitude! What is remarkable about her is for nearly 25+ years, she has proudly served approximately 500,000 students as a Food Service specialist in Gwinnett County in Food Services. The majority of her food service career has been spent at Meadowcreek High School, where she is cherished and greatly respected by generations of students and employees. For over 25 years she has awakened at the crack of dawn to prepare the nourishment needed for students and staff! Besides being a good food expert, she is a great salesperson! She really pushes the need for green vegetables on your plate – i.e. broccoli, beans and salads if she sees you are lacking a balanced diet! What really stands out about her is she really cares about her students and her co-workers. For GCAE… she is a champion member! She never misses an event and is always willing to serve where needed! Her personal mission with GCAE is “What can I do to make it better?" Who could ask for more? Ms. Pat has 2 wonderful children and 5 grandchildren, who take her breath away everyday! If you ask her what makes her heart skip beats, besides her partner, her husband and best friend, hands down, it would be the Atlanta Falcons! One thing you can depend on from Ms. Pat is that she will never get old because she has a love for travel and camping. Wow, it’s a people-person thing!

GCAE takes its hat off to you Ms. Pat! We wish you continued success in life and are thankful to have you in ours! YOU ARE ONE IN A MILLION!

Ms. Pat is the pride of the Gwinnett County Associations of Educators (GCAE) for the month of August 2020!

Thank you again Ms. Pat for being a rockstar!

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