April's Member of the Month: Teresa Lewis

Each month GCAE appreciates and honors one of our outstanding members who goes above and beyond the call of duty to support this organization, our families, & our community at large.

Teresa has exhibited these traits and we want to publicly recognize her for all of her hard work!

"I am Teresa Lewis, and I have worked for Gwinnett County Public Schools for 22 years. I have worked at Richards Middle School since 2010 to present. Before that, I worked at Meadowcreek High School for 12 years. I am an Assistant Manager in the Cafeteria.  I joined GCAE and GAE in 2015. My friend Patrica Anderson introduced me to this great organization. I was born and raised in Buffalo, NY and come from a strong union based family. I believe we should work for the rights and the good of all employees.  In this organization, I have served as a Committee Chair and Cluster Leader. I have also helped on variety of other community based projects with GCAE. I am also a ESP Director at Large on the State Board of GAE.  

My vision for GCAE and GAE is to continue working towards building and maintaining a strong and active membership.  I enjoy working with an amazing group of people that are willing to stand up and fight and be a voice for what is right for ALL that work in the school system." 

Thank you again Teresa for being a rockstar!

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