A Holiday Letter from your GCAE Member-Elected Executive Officers...

This is a time of year when giving “thanks” for big and little things is more common than usual! Thus, we too, at GCAE are grateful more so than usual! As your August 2020 member-elected GCAE officers, we just wanted to let our members know how thankful we are for YOU.

Your GCAE August 2020 elected officers are thankful for...

  1. Your consistent and resilient support of the organization and what it stands for,

  2. Your belief and trust in the passion and the direction your elected GCAE board is taking the organization to the next level,

  3. The level of recruitment this Board has produced because members believe in the organization and the leadership,

  4. The opportunity to professionally invest in and promote the needs and interests of GCAE’s’ concerns by helping to provide more professional work experiences that are congruent to their needs,

  5. The results of a court hearing held on 12/18/20 that determined we are STILL your elected officers and therefore STILL maintain management over the business of the organization,


  7. The court’s position that GAE had no authority to invalidate the August 2020 election and replace your elected leaders,

  8. That the professional relationship/partnership between your member-elected GCAE leadership and the Gwinnett County Public Schools helped to encourage a $700 one-time payment to all active employees (ESPs, i.e. Paras Bus drivers, Food Service, Clerical,Custodians and Building Facilities Management personnel.)

  9. That ALL employees were included in this benevolent gift and for the possibility that this one-time payment will make a difference in so many lives, especially at this time to the year.

  10. That next year and all the years to come will prove to be the best that GCAE Leadership has to offer its membership – OUR GCAE FAMILY!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS From Your Member-Elected GCAE Executive Officers!!!

We look forward to serving you in the future!

(Click the link below to download this letter in PDF format.)

GCAE Holiday Letter
Download PDF • 188KB

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