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It Takes A Village

As an educator within GCPS, you need people looking out for you, helping to support you inside and outside of the classroom. The Gwinnett County Association of Educators does that for our members, and so much more.


Reason #1

We fight

for your pay.

Reason #2

We stand up for your job.

Reason #3

We fight for public education.

Reason #4

We fight for your community schools.

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GCAE is Gwinnett County's local chapter of GAE, the Georgia Association of Educators. As a member of GCAE, you also join the National Education Association (NEA), the nation's largest professional employee organization, which is committed to advancing the cause of public education. NEA's 3 million members work at every level of education—from pre-school to university graduate programs. NEA has affiliate organizations in every state and in more than 14,000 communities across the United States.

In this new politically-charged atmosphere that has consumed public education, it is more important than ever to belong to an organization that provides you with the information, support, and means to make a difference for our children, our schools,

and the future of public education.

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